Free drum samples (for your beats)



So you're looking for drum samples and more precisely hip hop drum samples for your beats? Here are a few ideas:


🥁 Freesound

The library has thousands of great free drum samples: kick, snare, hihat, but also drum fill samples, etc. Use it!


🎧 Sample packs

You can find countless sample packs of real drum sounds, and also drum machine samples. Where to find these cool Drumtraks or Linndrum samples or TR909 sounds? My favourite source for drum machines is probably the KB6 sample pack. They describe themselves as:

309 Drum Sets / 34.297 WAV Samples / 5.27 GB
This is the worlds largest Free Drum Samples Library on the Web!

On the endless topic "best vintage drum machine samples", I never know which one I prefer, but I really like the Linndrum snare drum:

This is a raw sample, but with some compression, EQing, and a tiny bit of reverb, it is marvellous.


📀 Vinyl sampling

You can sample kick drum samples, snares, etc. on vinyl records.
Or, of course, CDs! Tip: you can probably borrow 10 CDs a week from your local library for free.


🌐 YouTube sampling

Sampling isn't limited to vinyl and CD records. The today's generation of beatmakers is now also using YouTube as a sampling source!


💬 Reddit

There are many drum samples reddit pages, such as /r/makinghiphop or /r/HotSamples/, that give good advice on how to find samples for beatmaking purposes.


🎧 How to isolate drums from a song?

Now let's say you have found a good and nice drum loop, but there is a big string or synth chord on top of it. How to extract just the drums, and remove the other instruments?

This can be done with our VST DrumExtract:



How to extract drums from songs? Discover our drum VST here.